Alterations & Repairs

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Hem$12.50 & up
Replace Zipper$12.50 & up
Waist Take-in$12.50 & up
Waist Let-out$12.50 & up
Put Patch$6.00 & up
Shorten Sleeve$20.00 & up
Taper Shirt, Pants, Dress etc$15.00 & up
Call for other type alteration-sewing needsCall

If you have pants or dress to hem, come with your shoes that you will be wearing with it. We take the measurement at the store.

We also take measurements for Tuxedo. There is a charge of $5.00

We do ROTC, Police Uniforms, Marines, Army etc. alterations such as sew patch. We have been doing uniform alterations for UHS – University High School for more than 15 years. We go to the class, where all boys and girls line up and we take measurements of pants, shirts, jackets, skirts, blouse etc and alter them as needed. We also clean and press them. Oh we also put “Red Stripes” on sides of the pants.

We have also fixed, US Flags and School Flags at NO Charge. We provide that as a service to our community, school and our country.

Recognition by
University High School

As you may or may not know that every year all schools have competition as to who looks best in their uniforms and performance etc. For many years we have been ranked number 1 in “Personal Inspection”. Below is a trophy in 1999 that they gave to us as a testimonial and proof of their achievement (in turn our service to them)