Pants$5.25 & up
Shirt – Laundered$2.25 & up
Shirt – Drycleaned$5.00 & up
Blouse$5.50 & up
Suit – 2 pc$10.75 & up
Dress$10.00 & up
Dress – 2 pc$13.50 & up
Items not listedCall for prices

Above prices are subject to change without notice at any time. Every item may be charged differently based on type of material, amount of work necessary, complexity of the process necessary to clean, time required to process etc. Prices given over the phone are just an estimate of the prices we normally charge but can vary after physical inspection of the garment.


Pants – Let out in waist$12.50 & up
Pants – Take in waist$12.50 & up
Skirts – Let out in waist$13.00 & up
Skirts – Take in waist$12.00 & up
Pants – Shorten$12.50 & up
Shorten Sleeves$20.00 & up
Jeans – Shorten$13.00 & up
Put PatchShow us the patch
to find out exact price

Please allow at least 2-4 days for alteration work. We do not have on-site alteration service. However, the lady who does our alterations has over 40 years of sewing and alteration experience and we can assure you that you will be happy with her work.


Personal Laundry Items$15.00/minimum
10 lbs or more$1.50 /lb
(Wash & Fold service is “CASH ONLY”)

We can provide SAME DAY SERVICE provided the garments are dropped off early in the morning.  Otherwise it can be a next day service.